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afterpay customer serviceAfterpay Touch Group Limited (abbreviated as Afterpay or APT) is an Australian financial technology company operating in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Afterpay and Touchcorp merged in June 2017 to form Afterpay Touch Group.  Since the merger, Afterpay Touch Group has emerged as a leader in the “buy now pay later” (BNPL) industry.If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department on 22 87 89 30 or send an email to kundeservice@afterpay.noand we will help you. Subsequent to the merger, Afterpay’s business operations consist of “pay now” and “pay later” business segments. Its pay later business enables retailers to offer their customers the facility to buy now and pay later without requiring traditional credit, upfront fees or interest allowing customers to have the ability to make purchases now and pay for them in four equal payments made every fortnight without any interest. There is no interest charged to customers for using this service. However, failure to make their payments will result in a late fee. Customers are required to be over eighteen years of age to use the service. The pay now business consists of the Touch System Platform, which includes services related to fraud protection, regulatory compliance, and data collection and analysis for digital payments. In January 2018, US venture capital fund Matrix Partners announced its intention to invest AU$19.4 million in Afterpay to support its entry into the US retail market, which was worth US$3.8 trillion in total annual turnover,

About Afterpay:

AfterPay is the online payment method that allows you to pay for your online purchases after receiving them. You only pay for what you want to keep, and you will never have to pay in advance again. AfterPay emails you an invoice with a standard payment period of 2 weeks. Convenient and secure!

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