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Comcast Business Phone Number – Contact us if you want to set up new service or have questions about your current service. Use this list to get your questions answered. NEW CUSTOMERS. Comcast Customer Service. As an existing customer or new one, you can contact Comcast customer service by using the following toll free number from your own phone for any general issues related to your Comcast service. For contacting Comcast customer service, just click on the phone number given below. Can not log into their business website to be able to manually turn on call forwarding, and the comcast business app says that call forwarding is turned on, but it’s not working. This is a MASSIVE outage on their side of the network and it is leaving countless numbers of business customers completely without working phones both in and outbound!

Comcast Business Number

Comcast Business Phone Number

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Question & Ordering: (866) 429-0152

Customer Support & Care: (800) 741-4141

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Business VoiceEdge®

Question & Ordering: (866) 429-2321

Customer Support & Care: (877) 761-7401

PRI Trunks

Question & Ordering: (866) 524-7482

Customer Support & Care: (877) 543-3961


Customer Support: (866) 511-6489 (option 1)


Question & Ordering: (855) 869-7188

Customer Support & Care: (877) 229-5999

Cloud Solutions

Question & Ordering: (855) 867-5010

Customer Support & Care: (866) 950-3789