How to return a package to sender

Method Returning Letters and Packages to the Sender, How to return a package to sender

How to return a package to sender

  1. Write “Return to Sender” on the envelope or package. …
  2. Write “Wrong Address” or another reason (optional). …
  3. Cross out your own address. …
  4. Leave the mail in or next to your mailbox.

Hermes Parcel Returns

Two simple options, one great returns experience

How to return a package to sender- Our Hermes Courier Returns option allows you to add a personal touch to your returns process with a local courier doorstep collection.Your customers simply contact you directly to arrange a collection.And we do the rest, getting your parcel back to you by Day 3.

floryday Returns

Key features of Hermes Parcel Returns:

  • Personal Doorstep Collection We will collect an unwanted parcel right on the doorstep
  • Stated 6 Day Collection Choose a day of collection up to 7 days ahead, Monday to Saturday
  • 3 Day Service Returned parcels will be delivered back to you by Day 3
  • Untracked or Tracked options available We’ll give you the option to access a fully tracked service if your customer uses our intelligent returns portal
  • Choice of booking options Your customers can contact you directly to book a collection or can arrange this themselves using our self serve consumer portal
  • ETA for Collection We can provide your customer with a 4 hour time-window for collection if you add-on our new ETA service

Best way to return a package to sender 

If it’s an expensive or high value item I would send it USPS with signature confirmation. If it’s not an expensive item send it USPS with delivery confirmation. Some payment processors and venues require signature for high value items ( $750 and over was once the eBay/PayPal rule but all is subject so I would confirm with venue or the payment processor (I.e. credit card company, i.e. PayPal, Square or eBay, Etsy and Amazon and credit card processors you use or will use if you have your own website checkout.

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