Sedgwick phone number

Sedgwick phone number

Continue browsing on this page to know more about the Sedgwick group of companies. Included are the company’s contact details, and insightful information about the Sedgwick workers compensation cover. The page also contains information on how to apply to a job position at the company if you would like to advance your career with them.

Sedgwick Address & Phone Number

Sedgwick Claims Management Services

P.O BOX 171816

Memphis, TN 38187-1865

United States

Customer Service

Phone: (901) 415-7400


About the Company

Sedgwick Claims Management Services was established in the year 1969. It has more than 200 offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Currently, the company has a customer base of approximately 2.6 million clients in these three regions. Its catalogue of services includes offering insurance covers for worker’s compensation, warranty and credit card claims services, structured settlements, professional liability, automobile, disability, and many more. The focus of this page will be on worker’s compensation claims.

Sedgwick  compensation claims management Phone Number

Phone: (901) 415-7400

Sedgwick has an integrated approach to worker’s compensation claims management. This implies that the company has the ability to manage various facets of a claims management process for both employees and employers. These include, reporting, medical services for injured employees, claims processing, fraud and accident investigation, and tracking employee’s recovery process for a quick return to work. Employees can use the provider’s services who represents them in making claims from their employers in case they are injured while at work. Sedgwick strives to ensure that its clients who would like to make claims from their employers have access to quality medical care providers. Additionally, its representatives help clients understand the process; for instance, how the claim affects their payslip and other contractual agreements with their employers.

Sedgwick’s unique selling point

Integration is Sedgwick’s unique selling point. The company’s ability to offer various services under one roof makes the process of claims management efficient and beneficial to employers as well as their employees. These service are custom tailored in a way that focuses on the best outcome for injured employee – the ultimate goal is to ensure that they return to work the soonest possible while mitigating the cost of the recovery services. To achieve this objective, the company’s clinical team works closely with its return to work specialists who are responsible for tracking the employee’s recovery progress. The sooner an employee gets back to his or her job, the lower the cost of medical treatment. The integrated approach also allows Sedgwick to look for medical providers who can offer quality care to their employees at subsidized prices. With its vast customer base, it’s often easy for the company to bargain prices with third party medical and insurance providers in return for bulk work.

Below is a summary of the benefits that integration bring to a claims management program.

  • Sedgwick has a vast knowledge base that gives it a unique ability to create ingenious solutions to various problems that are presented to it by clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • Access to the best resources
  • Flexible program that allows clients to select and pay for only the services they need.
  • High level of expertise by the company’s clinicians that collaborate with return to work specialists and other teams in the company’s workforce to mitigate costs by employing efficiency.
  • Advanced technology that eases the management and programming of various operations within the claims resolution process.

Employers are finding ways to mitigate costs. Some of them achieve this by unbundling claims and using separate vendors to provide different services in the worker’s compensation claims management scope. For example, an employer might prefer hiring one provider to handle claims processing and another to offer managed care to the injured employee.  Although Sedgwick advocates for integration, it realizes the benefits that an employer can reap by unbundling. The claims management company supports unbundling – it makes this possible by working with a large number of external vendors. From its sales volume, the company arguably works with the largest network of third party vendors in the claims management industry.

How to moniter Sedgwick  compensation claims?

Clients to Sedgwick can monitor the progress of their claims through the viaOne suite of tools. This allows employers and their employees to check their claims information. Clients can use the company’s website to generate loss triangles that are useful in generating loss triangles for program actuarial analysis, track and analyze absence information, and customize the platform according to their needs and preferences for aesthetics. In addition, Sedgwick has a self-service option that is dubbed mysedgwick. Clients can use it to access information about their employees’ absenteeism trends and enroll new employees in the program using the platform.

If you need to make an inquiry regarding Sedgwick’s services, use the contact details listed above this page to either call or send a support ticket to its customer care representatives. For vacancies and career opportunities, check its website frequently.