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DoorDash Service Phone Number + 1 (844) 285-0248

Phone number: + 1 (844) 285-0248

Doordash address:

Doordash, Inc
116 New Montgomery St, 4 th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
Email: support@doordash.com


DoorDash Phone NumberCheck the section below to get DoorDash.com phone number and other contact details of its customer care service desk. In addition, the page includes a basic overview of the company’s operations and details of various offerings in its service charter. Use the contact information on this page to contact the company for inquiries or to make complaints about its services.

About the DoorDash

DoorDash.com was founded in 2014 by Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu, and Evan Moore who were all students at Stanford University. They first launched it in Palo Alto. Since then, the company has extended its services to cover more than 600 cities in North America. It specializes in delivering food from a city’s popular restaurants and eateries to its local residents via a network that is managed through its service app. The app is available for download on all major mobile OS platforms including iOS and Android.

Before online shops gained their current popularity, people used to shop at malls and local stores in their neighborhoods. The process involves driving to the mall, pushing a trolley around while you look for the items on your shopping list, and then que up and wait to be served at the electronic point of sale. Online shops made shopping convenient for everyone because all you need to do is browse from a catalogue of items and put the ones you need in a virtual shopping bucket. If you have enough money on your credit card you can use it to pay for the items you just purchased.

DoorDash Food Delivery City


Currently serving over 800 cities in 78+ markets in the U.S. and Canada including: Atlanta, Austin, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Orange County, Pasadena, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Toronto, and Vancouver.

DoorDash.com Online Phone Number

Initially, people only shopped for non-perishable commodities from online shops. Companies like door dash are extending the convenience of online shopping to cover deliveries of food and beverages from a city or neighborhood’s best restaurants. Note that DoorDash.com is not in the food and beverages industry but instead, in the logistics industry – it only concerns itself with the delivery part of the process. This implies that if you get a delivery that does meet your expectations because of foul taste or missing ingredients and desserts, you should blame the restaurant you ordered from. However, DoorDash.com does a good job of vetting restaurants and other vendors of food and beverages before adding them to its list of partners. This ensures that it maintains consistency in its service delivery to clients. However, its extensive list of menus from popular food chains and restaurants should keep clients interested even if they are frustrated one or more times by substandard deliveries from the vendors they choose.

What do you pay for?

Clients who shop for food using the DoorDash.com app pay for the menu amount of food items, the cost of delivery and tax. You can make your payments through major credit card providers that include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and CitiBank. Payments from online channels like PayPal are also accepted. Note that a delivery from DoorDash.com is much cheaper compared to what you would alternatively spend if you opt to drive to drive to the restaurants of choice. Besides, it saves you time that can be used for more important tasks in your life like work-related projects, study, and so forth. With so many menus and food vendors at your disposal, you can also save money by browsing for cheap options.

How does it work?

DoorDash employees work in a very similar way to Uber Drivers. They sign up with the company as ‘dashers’ or its delivery guys and use the app to pick orders from restaurants and then relay them to the requesters. The DoorDash.com app has features that allow customers to track the status of their orders. Besides, it provides information on how fast an order will be delivered to you after you make it so that you can only consider restaurants that are close to your residence when you need a meal urgently.

Use the DoorDash phone number to contact its customer care representatives

There are several reasons why customers that use the DoorDash.com app would like to contact its customer care service representatives. These include cancellation of orders, complaints about deliveries, and inquiries regarding other aspects of the service. You can either send a support ticket to the company’s email address or reach its representatives directly by ringing its listed phone number. If you operate a restaurant and would like to partner with DoorDash.com contact its representatives to begin the vetting process.


DoorDash FAQ

Q. How do you contact DoorDash?

Ans. DoorDash Phone Number. To reach the corporate office you can use this number 844-285-0248.

Q. Can I dash in another city?

Ans. Yes you can, but you can only dash in one city at a time

Q.  How do I remove a card from DoorDash?

Ans. Go to the Account tab. Select “Payment Cards” To add a card, click “Add a Card” in the upper right-hand corner of the app and provide the required information. Toremove a card, swipe left on the card and click “Delete

Q.  Do DoorDash drivers get discounts?

Ans.  Just like it sounds, you can use the discount code “LUVFOOD” to get yourDoorDash order delivered for free.

The app will open your business doors to a bigger customer base because it is accessible to everyone including those who would never have noticed you if you continued relying on the human traffic along your street.


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