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Epic Games Contact Number

Epic Games Contact Number

Epic Games Contact NumberEpic Games Contact Number: Below are the customer care service details for Epic Games, a company that specializes in the game development niche. The page also includes important details about the company, which you would normally expect to find in the about us section of the company’s website. Use the epic games contacts listed below to launch complaints about its services or make inquiries about its games and other resources including the unreal engine that is available to game developers. Professionals with skills in graphic design and game development can contact the company for employment opportunities.

Epic Games Address:

620 Crossroads Blvd

Cary, NC 27518, United States

Phone Number: 919-854-0070

Email Address/Web Support Page: help.epicgames.com


About Epic Games Contact Number

Epic Games is a popular game development company that has been in operation since 1991. It has its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Its catalogue of products consists of games that are designed for various platforms including the web, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and virtual reality devices. A few popular titles from the company include Unreal, Fortnight, Gears of War, and The Infinity Blade Series.

Install Epic Games Phone Number

Most of the game titles that are owned by Epic are available for free. To download a game and begin playing it, you first need to install the Epic Games Launcher on your system. Afterwards, visit the official website to select the tittles you would like to play. For some tittles, you will be prompted to make a payment through one of many available digital payment gateways that include credit cards from major issuers and online channels like PayPal.  A few for-sale tittles that are currently available on the Epic Games website include Hades, Ashen, Hello Neighbor, Genesis, and Darksiders. The download platform also includes games from other developers and design studio’s that are not as popular as epic, and would therefore like to market their franchises on its website.


One of the company’s unique selling point is the allowing its clients to make modifications to its game tittles using an assortment of editing tools that include Ark Editor, Bus Simulator 18, Dark and Light Editor, Unreal Tournament Editor, Showmaker Dev Kit, and Robo Recall. If you are a game developer, you can make money by receiving royalties for tittles developed using the company’s proprietary platform that’s called the Unreal Engine. The company is popular with game developers for its high commission offerings on Tittles developed using its platform. Usually, third party developers receive 80% of the gross profit from their tittles. Epic games deducts the remaining 20% to cover its operational costs and retain a small profit for the continuity of business.

About Epic Games

The company has a forum that is dubbed the Epic Games Ecosystems that allows game developers to connect with millions of gamers online. Developers use this platform to get feedback for their tittle releases including insights into aspects that need improvement to enhance the overall user experience. Using the Support – A – Creator program, developers have the opportunity to connect with over 10,000 creators. This community of developers is going to help you resolve deadlocks when you experience problems in your project or require assistance with features from the Unreal Engine that you are yet to familiarize with.

Note that the titles available from the Epic Games Stores are only support by the Windows and Mac operating systems. The store can be accessed by everyone from all over the world with the exception of China where there are strict laws and regulations that forbid access to some online entertainment repositories due to explicit content. Some of the games in Epic’s store are themed on violence, which could be the reason why the authorities in China have restricted access to it in its jurisdiction.


Online Services



Q. Does Epic Games have an app?

Ans: Epic Games, the creator of the hit game Fortnite, is launching its own mobile appstore for Android devices this year

Q. Can you play fortnite online without downloading?

Yes, you canFortnite is an online game that you can play when you have access to the InternetYou have to download the game and have a PC or console to playit. Using Vortex there is no download needed.

Q. Is fortnite making money?

Fortnite doesn’t cost money to play, but it sure generates a lot of cash. The game sells V-Bucks, which go for $9.99 per 1,000 and can be spent on customization items.

How to make payment of Epic Games

Regarding payment methods, Epic Games accepts credit cards from major issuers that include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal. Check its website at www.epicgames.com to check whether the issuer of your credit card is supported. You can cancel and order, but you will have to wait for two weeks before the amount you used to checkout is relayed back to the credit balance of your card. Sign in to your account to request for a refund – if you experience problems with the process, you can always use the epic games contact details that were listed earlier.

Apart from accepting tittles from third party developers, Epic Games also employee’s graphic designers, coders, engineers, and game designers to create new tittles or to review its existing content to for identification of improvement opportunities. The company accepts job applications that are made through its support page. Alternatively, applicants can call its customer care service number to get instructions on the best channels for forwarding their applications.

Note that the company’s website is accessed by millions on a daily basis, which implies that it could take its customer care department a considerable amount of time to reply to your support ticket.


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