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How to return a package to sender

How to Track & Manage USPS Shipping

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USPS return to sender package

If you don’t open the package, you can write “Return to Sender-Refused”on it. Your carrier should pick it up the next day or you could drop it off at the stamp window of your local post office. Once you open the package however that constitutes “receiving the package” so you must pay to return it if you have opened it.

Prepaid return envelope usps

USPS Tracking™ service is included at no additional charge. – Your Priority MailForever Prepaid Flat Rate boxes and envelopes order will ship to you via PriorityMail with Signature Confirmation. Before you can add this into your cart, you must enter the return address that you would like printed on the envelopes.

USPS insufficient address return to sender

An “insufficient address”, according the USPSdefinition, is mail “without [a] number, street, box number, route number, or geographical section of city or city and state omitted and correct address not known.” Once you receive the returned package, contact the buyer immediately and ask them to verify their address.

USPS return sender rules

  1. Write “Return to Sender” on the envelope or package. …
  2. Write “Wrong Address” or another reason (optional). …
  3. Cross out your own address. …
  4. Leave the mail in or next to your mailbox.

USPS yellow sticker codes

 Mail that is undeliverable as addressed is forwarded, returned to the sender, or treated as dead mail. If you have returned mail pieces with both the address and the yellow non-delivery label affixed, you can find out why it wasn’t delivered thanks to the information (i.e. code) on the yellow Nixie label.

USPS standard shipping

While the USPS website states delivery times of 2-8 business days, in our experience it can take noticeably longer. In my opinion, you should avoid Standard Post altogether. I’d much rather use UPS or FedEx Grounddelivery which guarantees delivery within 5 days.